Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Crop Failure

I didn't think we would grow a significant portion of our family's food in our little vegetable plot. But I had hoped for a bit more than this. In prior years, we did get repectable (but small) ears of corn. The corn and the tomoatoes grew 6-8 feet tall. When we sat in the dining room and looked out the window, it was like looking through a jungle of tomato vines.

For some inexplicable reason, the corn just withered up and died in July. Funny, it wasn't very warm by the beach during the heat wave. However, I did seed the lettuce a bit later than prudent, in June. The lettuce was too bitter for us to enjoy.

The tomatoes never flourished. I couldn't figure out why. Last weekend, I went out to weed and discovered the reason. A little green tomato hornworm. I squished that little guy without remorse. Wikipedia showed me that the little brown moths I had been seeing all summer were the adult versions of those little green worms.

That will teach me not to get sick and neglect the garden.

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