Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I have been cheating on the Basalt Tank. Once I began knitting with Yarnex, I couldn't stop. The play of the colors amused me endlessly. I had to know what it would do next. The yarn is so soft.

The gauge genie visited me again in the night. After writing that my gauge with the Inca Cotton was 4.75 stitches/inch, I remeasured in the morning. This time, I took the stitches off the needle. 4 stitches/ inch.

I put in waist shaping by marking 4 places where I want "darts" to appear. Every 6th row, I decreased at each marker (5 times). Then I knitted 12 rows even and increased every 6th row at each marker (5 times).

[If you really must know, I placed markers for each side seam, and center front and back. I placed the "dart" markers midway between the side seam and center markers. Before each right dart marker, I did a k2tog. After each left dart marker, I did a ssk.]

You can read more about Yarnex here and here.

Here is another picture just to show you that I have made some progress on the Basalt Tank.

I am very happy with the neckline. I intend to put partial hexagons on the sides and cast off at about the same point as the shoulder straps.

Click on this picture to see a close-up of the neckline and shoulder straps.

More about yarnex here, here (dyeing) and here (undyed).

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