Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Last Week in Pictures

Bon voyage!
Recognize this stabile?
Who are those people in red jackets?

Iris was disappointed at the (finite) length of the "infinite corridor".
They didn't let us handle this particular book, but they let us leaf through other classics of the genre.
Where can I buy a Smootstick for those times when yardsticks and metersticks are too short?
Emulating a student at one of the top 10 party schools in the nation*.
* Playboy's annual survey of party schools, circa Bad Dad's days at Senior House.

She was not taking a swig as I had joked; she was emulating a park ranger who had shown her how to tear open a paper packet of gunpowder with her teeth and load a musket (and then fire the musket at redcoats).

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  1. It appears that you had a good time and that your health was cooperative. I hope so!