Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

It was a busy and happy weekend. There are no pictures because I left my camera at a friend's house where we attended a BBQ. Because he lives in southern Orange County, we figured we'd keep driving south to visit overnight with my in-laws in San Diego. The drive between LA and SD passes through some pretty landscape (and awful traffic), but it is more enjoyable during jacaranda season.

Memorial Day is a poignant time, and especially so when our nation is fighting two wars. It's hard to convey the significance of the holiday to my daughter when mall parking lots are so full. (Yes, we did stop at a mall to pick up a cup of coffee on our drive home; I wonder if other people looked at us judgmentally, too?)

I started to think about the two holidays in May, Mothers' Day and Memorial Day. Did you know that Mayan death rituals give the highest honors to warriors who die in battle AND mothers who die in childbirth? Both groups make the ultimate sacrifice in order to preserve their civilization.

So how about we celebrate both holidays this year by giving all mothers in the US access to healthcare under the VA system, just like we do for veterans?

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  1. Excellent idea... I'll suggest it to my Senators and Congressman.


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