Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bike to Work Challenge 2009 Totals

Congratulations to the official winners of the 2009 Bike To Work Challenge -- Northrop Grumman !!!!!

The final total cycle commuters this year were: 473. The total includes Los Angeles World Airport's Westside Welcome Station/Pitstop at World Way West, Equity Office's Welcome Station/Pitstop at the Howard Hughes Center, and Electronic Art's Welcome Station/Pitstop at Playa Vista. The breakdown was as follows:

1. Northrop-Grumman 92 (combined total - El Segundo = 56 / Space Technology - Redondo Beach = 36)
2. Raytheon 79
3. The Aerospace Corporation 75
4. Los Angeles Air Force Base (Military/Civilian) 59
5. Equity Office / Howard Hughes Center 52
6. Boeing 49
7. Electronic Arts 30
8. Los Angeles World Airports 23
9. DirecTV 5
10. Scitor 3
11. Federal Express 2
12. Los Angeles Unified School District 1
13. Manhattan Beach School District 1
14. Quantex 1
15. SAIC 1

Last year's total cycle commuters were: 416. The breakdown was as follows:
1. Los Angeles Air Force Base (Military/Civilian) 81
2. The Aerospace Corporation 78
3. Raytheon 63
4. Boeing 55
5. Northrop-Grumman 38
6. Equity Office / Howard Hughes Center 31
7. Los Angeles World Airports 25
8. Electronic Arts 20
9. DirecTV 14
10. Playa Vista 5
11. Federal Express 2
12. ESMS 1
13. Linquest - TSAT 1
14. Mitre 1
15. Scitor 1

A big THANKS to Aerospace, Boeing, Electronic Arts, Equity Office / Howard Hughes Center, DirecTV, Los Angeles Air Force Base, Los Angeles World Airports, Northrop-Grumman, and Raytheon for donating the awesome giveaways!!!

We were so impressed with all the motivated cyclists that participated in this event and are looking forward to the 2010 Bike To Work Challenge!!!!

Thanks to one and all for making the 2009 Bike To Work Week such a success!!!
There is no shame in losing by such small margins to companies with 10 times as many employees. I am happy to see the number of participants grow year by year. Don't forget the nationwide event, Bike to Work Day on May 14.

From MTA:
The 15th annual Bike to Work Day is coming on Thursday, May 14, 2009. We expect a record number of participants to enjoy a relaxing, healthy, green bicycle ride to work.

Pledge Online… and, be entered to win fabulous prizes, including an electric bike from Currie Technologies!
Aerospace will be co-hosting a Pit-Stop at the El Segundo/Nash Green Line Station on Thursday, May 14 from 6 a.m to 9:30 a.m. in honor of the 15th annual Bike to Work Day. All cyclists are invited to stop by for refreshments and free giveaways!

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