Thursday, May 21, 2009

Today (in pictures)

Two fuchsia blossoms. The gardening center calls this type "voodoo". Sunset's western garden guide calls our area the "fuchsia belt".
The dragon fruit farm experiment is not going well. If anything is forming, I can't see it.
Bad Dad missed Iris' school's open house. Here's their homage to Wayne Thiebaud.
Iris made the chocolate racetrack in the upper left and the cupcake in the bottom right.
Visiting her classroom was like visiting a multicultural Lake Wobegon where all the kids are above average. Her teacher said that the only kids who do grade level work are her learning center kids. Most of them work above grade level. A handful of kids go to the learning center, where they work one-on-one or in small groups with credentialed teachers. That extra help and attention keep them on track. You look at the shabby exterior and chain link fence, and you don't know what magic they perform in there.

Afterwards, we went to Rice Things and found half the school also had the same idea. The wait was long, but people were in high spirits. At the table next to us, we encountered a family speaking Japanese and English, followed by another one speaking Arabic and English, and then a group that spoke in Portuguese exclusively. That part is not Lake Wobegon.

Then we stopped by Neighborhood Grinds to buy half price pastries after 8pm. The chocolate croissants are so good, I was surprised that they had any left after 8pm. I should have taken a picture before Bad Dad inhaled it. Hmm, he flew home, walked in the door without kissing me, and then ate my chocolate pastry. I have to go and discipline him.


  1. Trader Joe's chocolate croissants are definitely worth checking out. They are awesome!

  2. Anonymous11:12

    Bad Dad, indeed. The flowers are beautiful!


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