Sunday, May 03, 2009


This cereus bloomed April 28, 2009. Judging by the number of buds, it seems to prefer the NE corner of our house to the SW corner. I don't know why, because both sites are shady and sheltered.
I thought the cereus is blooming rather early; they are generally summer bloomers. But, Are you cereus? posted pictures of blooming cereus from February and April visits to the Huntington gardens.

We seem to get continuous crops of columbines. They self sow throughout the year. I can't complain about such pretty garden volunteers. Notice the attractive Swiss chard leaves.
This orchid has been blooming continuously since October 2008.
This one started blooming the last week of April 2009.


  1. Did you know that cereus is the plant that produces the "dragon fruit" that they sell for $12/lb or more in the stores? It is known in Central America is pitahaya with visually stunning magenta flesh with black seeds, though most of the so-called dragon fruit I have seen in markets here has white or yellow flesh. If you're interested, don't cut off the dead flower, let the fruit form and see what you get.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I will definitely wait and show the experiment.


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