Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Week

Mad Hatter over at Sew Mad published these photos earlier this week for Projekt Farbe. Don't you just love the headlamp on that bicycle?
This week feels like a marathon. But I know Bad Dad is the one that is working through the night, one night after another. That's harder than doing both school dropoff and pickup (and working in between) all week.

I rode my bike to work twice in celebration of national Bike to Work Week. On Tuesday, we bought 10% more bagels than the prior year and still had to run out for more! Participation this year is up 15% over a year ago. That's one positive indicator for our country. Oddly, if we consume less gasoline, then we spend less money and the GDP and tax receipts go down. Breathing clean air and exercising has no economic value using our current system of accounting.

We had a good turn out in LA, albeit not as good as San Francisco, where the SF Bay Guardian reported that bicycles outnumbered cars by 2 to 1 along Market Street! Imagine if we claimed Wilshire and other arterials. We'd be able to get around town so much faster than the current gridlock. We'd get a nice tan while doing it, too.
There are lots more colorful pictures over at Sew Mad and some shots of bicycle & pedestrian paths. We corresponded and we think that I even used to ride a bicycle between my host family's house and the community swimming pool on the path that runs by her house.

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