Wednesday, September 06, 2006


So we were driving along the other afternoon when I noticed that the moon was right in front of us. Mark chimed in that it was almost a full moon. Iris looked up at the moon and remarked that there would be no moon that night. Mark started to correct her, and then stopped.

I said, "That's amazing, Iris. Do you know how old I was before I made the connection between seeing the moon during the day and not seeing it at night?"

"Grrrr! Hellooo? What do you think Ms. A teaches us in science class?" (Kindergarten science class)

Because I didn't take a photo of the moon that day, I will have to post a similiar picture taken from our rental car near Volterra, Italy.

Iris started first grade at a new school today. Of course, I took photos. However, the memory card in the camera is not cooperating and needs to be replaced. You will have to take my word for it that she looked adorable. She also chose her own outfit and I made or refashioned every item she wore. (Top, skirt, jacket, tie-dyed unmentionables--but not her shoes and socks.) Very pink. Very girly.

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