Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Santa Chronicles II

Iris has started making wishes to Santa a week or more ago. When I asked her what she wished for, she said that she couldn't tell me, or else she wouldn't get her wish. Somehow, the breakfast conversation came back to Santa yesterday. How many people live and work at Santa's workshop at the North Pole?

I told her that, frankly, Santa's workshop does not show up on any of the satellite imagery.

She asked how Santa could not be seen by the satellite?

I told her that it must be Santa's magic.

She said, "Oh, it must be like Santa's magic book. He opens it up and he can see your name and whether you are good or bad. It has to be a magic book to have everyone's names in it," while using her hands to show that it is not a very large book.

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NORADSanta calls me a liar. They claim to track Santa via satellites. They must be privy to satellite imagery that I can't get.

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