Saturday, September 09, 2006

Yarnex Performance Art?

I just finished binding off the Ajoure yoke tank from Lana Grossa's website. This is actually take 2 of the tank. The first version was too large at the shoulders so I ripped back two rows and decreased 16 stitches, did one more round even, and then did 2 more rounds with a needle 2 sizes smaller before binding off. Now it fits in the shoulders but the armscythe is too long.

I am underwhelmed. The underarm is quite a bit lower than I envisioned it. Notice the armpit of the model is not shown so you have no idea how much she might reveal if she moved her arm. The sweater also bags in the back in spite of the waist shaping. That might be because of the extra length.

I am wearing it with the reverse stockinette side out. I think it looks better that way. When I showed the sweater to my sister with the stockinette side out, she looked like she was trying really hard to keep a polite expression on her face. I thought it looked weird with part of the sweater striping and part of it not. The effect is less noticeable on the reverse stockinette side. Also, the Ajoure lace pattern looks better on the reverse side.

I played around with the neckline and thought about removing half the yoke part to lift the sweater up a notch. If that doesn't work, I will frog the whole thing. Like performance art, it will be a testament to the temporal nature of art.

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  1. If you don't love it, frog it. My rule is if I remade something twice, and still don't like it (I have one project in mind as I say this) I will frog it and make something entirely different with the yarn as it's the pattern that's bad.

  2. Anonymous19:33

    You are right. I was trying to be polite, and reserve my opinion until it was done. Now that I've seen the completed piece, I vote for frogging. Ribbit.


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