Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hogwash would be a polite name for this

Iris’ school is observing National Red Ribbon Week. I have some misgivings about the whole thing. The kids are supposed to dress a certain way each day of the week. Monday, they were supposed to wear team jerseys to “team up against drugs”. Tuesday, they were asked to bring in a stuffed animal for “hugs, not drugs”. Today, Wednesday, they were to wear their clothes backwards for “turn your back to drugs”. Tomorrow they are asked to wear their pajamas “to put drugs to sleep”. Friday, they are to dress in red.

Her school is not an isolated case. Read the Washington Post article about how DC area schools are observing red ribbon week with all the hoopla of a school spirit week. The whole thing makes me queasy. My child seems to think this is a week long “wacky Wednesday”. What does any of this have to do with substantive drug education?

We quiz her every evening about what she has learned. She says that drugs are bad and you shouldn't do them. What makes drugs bad? She says that they can kill you. No word yet about what is a drug and what is a medicine. How do the kids on ritalin feel about this?

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  1. My son has had the dubious benefits of red ribbon week for a couple years now. Last year, it took me quite a while to convince him that there were good drugs and bad drugs and that Dad wasn't headed to jail just for having a glass of wine with dinner.


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