Monday, October 30, 2006

Weekend Pictures

Just to prove we actually completed something this weekend.

Here is the curtain looking so visually complex for such a simple shibori technique. It only took Mark two days to notice it.

I suspected that Iris was looking for a pink dress much like her beloved "blue Princess Aurora dress" which she wore to tatters; she still wears it today as a nightgown. She was very fond of telling everyone that it had three different colors of blue! Here she is wearing it at her 4th birthday party. That's "the bug lady" and her travelling zoo beside Iris. The original dress was Simplicity 5827 in size 4. Her "heart dress" was also in the same size.

The "pink Princess Aurora dress" is size 6. The dye job on the large skirt yardage was not very even. I told her that an uneven dye job makes the dress look that much more luxurious. She didn't look convinced.

Some people plan their sewing. I pick my next sewing project by the color of thread that is already in the serger. Iris' cousin got two pairs of Kwik Sew's "Sewing for Babies" pants in pink (size L to fit 12 mo).

Recognize the fabric?

Iris loved our new bed so much, she tried to sleep UNDER it. She moved the middle row of bins out of the way, dragged pillows, a blanket and a yoga mat in with her, and fell asleep in "her cave". I told her not to sleep under my bed. She reluctantly went back to her room. Later, I could hear her snoring, but she wasn't in her bed. She was way under her own bed! I managed to pull her out partway without waking her up.

Yesterday, we saw this car on our walk. Who knew that duct tape came in so many colors?


  1. Anonymous04:31

    Hmm, I have been known to pick my next sewing project by which color thread was in the serger.

    Unfortunately it must eventually be changed however.

  2. Did someone say duct tape? You must see this site:

    All those outfits were made by teens out of duct tape. AMAZING!


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