Monday, October 23, 2006

What's This?

Here's a hint.
No knitting pictures today, but I made lots of progress on Norah Gaughan's cable cardigan from the fall issue of Vogue Knitting. I am almost done with the body. All that stockinette was perfect for watching season two of Lost on DVD with Mark and attending the symphony with Iris this weekend.

We highly recommend the Toyota Symphonies for Youth concert series. The concerts are short (perfect for children's attention spans) and the activities for children before the concert are also fantastic. Iris took a short dance class and visited the instrument petting zoo before the concert. Had we arrived a bit earlier, she could have made bird puppets, too.

Here is the view from the cheap ($18) bench seats. We liked sitting behind the orchestra because we could see the musicians at work. Usually, they are hidden behind the music stands.We were also able to see the facial expressions of the conductor. The acoustics are quite good.

Outside the music center, there was a 1:10 model of the concert hall interior. A sign posted outside said that music was sped up to 10x frequency and amplified in the model in order to test the acoustics. Our cheap seats are slightly to the left of the organ pipes.

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