Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mending is the new Eyelet

I did a little mending of a ripped, unlined linen jacket. First, I fused knit interfacing to the inside of the jacket and stitched all over the ripped region with triple zigzag. Then I glued lace appliques (using a kids' washable glue stick) over the ripped areas. I finished by edge stitching the appliques down.

The result reminds me of some of the fancy eyelets I have seen this spring around the blogsphere. Perhaps I will go back to SAS Fabrics to buy more appliques. I think I paid about 10 or 15 cents each. They had boxes of them in black or white.

A few years ago, I used another lace applique to trim a dress for Iris. The link takes you to my sister's blog back when I guest-blogged there. In the archives, you will find many of my handknits.

I repurposed the dress now that Iris has outgrown it.

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