Sunday, March 25, 2007


The curbside send off at LAX on Wednesday afternoon. Notice that all the teeth are present and not a bit wobbly.

Mark called Thursday evening to tell me that the tooth was loose. I asked to speak to Iris. I reminded her not to play with the loose tooth; let it come out in its own time. We had discussed months ago that the longer she has a gap in her mouth, the more risk of requiring braces. She said that she did not want braces.

"How did it happen so quickly?", I asked her upon my return. She said she couldn't help playing with it, it was so much fun. It came out at school. The school health clerk sent her home with a tooth necklace.

I missed another milestone.

After the meeting concluded, I took the BX express bus to Boulder to visit friends. One friend and I were even captured by a Daily Camera photographer while walking a few hundred yards from my old home at 4th and Pearl. We are in today's photo gallery. We are upside down because this image shows our reflection in the children's fishing pond. In the spring time, you use this at your own risk. Those nesting geese are very effective at protecting their young.

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