Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sunday Hike

We went hiking today at Paramount Ranch in the Santa Monica mountains. Note that the sign says "Fire Management". Compare the parched landscape below with Unseasonable Lushness from June of last year. Same hills, 10 very dry months apart.

There was a small amount of water. Iris is proudly showing off the T-shirt she painted in Stencils Before Dinner. (I also tie-dyed Mark's t-shirt in the top photo and trimmed Iris' skort with some trim I knitted up in Fun Fur.)

The wildflowers were mostly absent. We saw some wildlife. Anyone know what this is?

We strolled through the western town filmed in many westerns. It is called Paramount Ranch for a reason.

Look at the back of the above building.

Can you imagine one of the tough guys in the westerns walking around the building to use the changing table in the unisex bathroom? Nothing is quite what it seems in the movies. The buildings are not even really brick. Look at the facing peeling away below.


  1. Anonymous09:08

    it's a jerusalem cricket!

  2. I agree with anonymous - jerusalem cricket (Stenopelmatus fuscus -

    It looks like a lovely time. I'm trying to talk Mr. Gaia into doing another nature walk this weekend - assuming it's dry and at least warmish.

  3. Anonymous19:11

    My granny calls this a "potato bug"


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