Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Unusual Vantage Points

Deb over at Red Shoe Ramblings sometimes posts pictures of things from unusual vantage points. I especially like the ones where she points her camera up from low on the ground. I started doing the same thing. I took the above picture last January at Descanso Gardens. It looks like something out of Dr. Suess.

I went for a walk in Boulder after the rain. The daffodils were all bent down, but they smiled for the camera when I put the camera close to the ground.

I have been rereading Believing is Seeing: Creating the Culture of Art by Mary Anne Staniszewski. By her definition, these photographs are art because I made them to circulate in the mass media!

Go visit Red Show Ramblings. Deb is showing interiors of her own home. It is a bracing antidote to the stultifying sameness of styled interiors in slick magazines. She, and other bloggers, are also showing pictures of their bookshelves!


  1. Aw, thanks, Grace! :::beam:::
    Your photos turned out great!!

  2. Anonymous22:25

    Thank you so much for posting these amazing pics! I especially like the first one, the angle is really something very unique and makes it look a bit scary - yep, very Dr. Seuss like!


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