Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Surfing Hummingbird Style

The beach cities of Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo are arguing with Huntington Beach to the south over bragging rights to the name, Surf City USA. Well, the hummingbirds were doing it first.

My coworker, BAM over at Breathing Treatment, posted today about fashioning copper pipes into a fountain to attract hummingbirds. We can attest to the efficacy of this tactic.

Last weekend, I wondered why we haven't seen any hummingbirds yet. Iris and I normally watch them drink from the fountain and "surf" on the jet of water each morning. It makes for great breakfast-time entertainment.

Our hummingbird visitors are late in appearing this year; this is the first one we saw. However, it lingered for some time. I wonder where the mate is? Last year, they came in a pair.

Our garden was designed and built by Pacific Coast Landscape in Redondo Beach. If you check out their web page of residential services, click on water features. Water feature #6 in the slide show should look awfully familiar.


  1. Anonymous17:24

    Very cool. I wonder why they like the copper pipe.

  2. The hummingbirds drink the water from the fountain, which allows them to drink why hovering in mid-flight. I don't think the copper influences them one way or the other. But, I could be wrong.


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