Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blueberry Hill Wrap Up

It looked great flat.

It doesn't looks so great on me. After perusing Ravelry, I think that this sweater looks better with zero or negative ease. I am 34.5", the sweater is 38". I should have listened to that inner voice telling me to knit the smallest size. Big sigh.

Several knitters on Ravelry mentioned the too-tight armholes. I bound off the side unit after 30 rows, omitting the last 16 rows.

Then I substituted these shoulder units instead of the triangles in the original pattern. I knit the even portion for 24 rows before increasing in the normal manner. The armscythe is perfect for a vest, but the top pulls in too much without sleeves. Another big sigh.

Maybe I can give it to someone slightly larger than me. I am definitely giving away the gray cabled cardigan. I visited Twist Yarns in Manhattan Beach for the first time yesterday. I need to make room in the closet for all the stuff I bought there and at Artfibers last month.

Twist is an exceptional yarn shop. Although it is tiny, the selection is well-edited. There is one section of yarns of conscience (Malabrigo, Manos, Frog Tree, Twist house label) and another section of artisanal hand dyes. She also carries Habu. Everything is a good value for the quality. Google maps says that it is 1.9 miles and 37 minutes walk from my house. Does Google maps know that there is a water tower between my house and Twist? They put water towers at local maximal; there are two huge sand dunes en route.


  1. Darn! I have to say that I think it looks good, but we have to be the final judge of what makes us feel good when we wear it. Maybe there will be some knitting miracle to make it fit you like you want it to fit.

  2. The more I sew the less I knit. It is so disheartening, after spending hours creating the fabric, to find it doesn't look 100% the way you envisioned it. Your knitting is gorgeous and I hope you find a way to salvage this one.

  3. I put it on the dress dummy and sprayed it generously with water using a spray bottle. After drying overnight, the sweater settled to a longer and narrower form. It looks much better now. I will post a photo later. Perhaps it is not a total loss.

  4. Your knitting itself is so beautiful. How frustrating to spend all that time and have it not live up to the expectation. I can't see the problems from the photo, but your own disappointment has nothing to do with my perception of what I see in the photo. I see in the comments that perhaps there has been some improvement.

  5. Anonymous20:10

    Isn't Twist so much fun. The store is adorably "quaint"...but the selection is amazing. I'm making some socks from my latest acquisition. After showing off my progress at Christmas, everyone wanted a pair in their colors. So, I guess I will be back for more purchases. -ElenaV


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