Sunday, January 18, 2009


Could anything else befall the house of contagion?

Mark is on the B.R.A.T. diet.

I am on
for sinus and ear infections, irritated lungs and to try to head off thrush.

Iris is on Tylenol for her sinus headaches and going through boxes of tissue.

We've been sacked out on the couch, catching up with Battlestar Gallactica.

Iris uses frak alarming frequently in everyday conversation. She says it is not dis-allowed*; it can't be a bad word if it is not a real word at all. What would Steven Pinker say?
Swearing is another kind of word magic. People believe, contrary to logic, that certain words can corrupt the moral order—that piss and Shit! and fucking are dangerous in a way that pee and Shoot! and freakin’ are not. This quirk in our psychology lies in the ability of taboo words to activate primitive emotional circuits in the brain.
Is frak more like shit or pee? And maybe that is not the right pair of words after this weekend at Chez Badmom.

* Not dis-allowed, indeed. She says she wants to be a lawyer when she grows up. Can I get an injunction against her for practicing law without a license? Or at least until she is out of my house?


  1. Anonymous08:50

    A children's show I watched in Sweden when I was young really encouraged swearing as a way of avoiding physical violence and find some other way of blowing off steam.

  2. I say frak is OK, but I lean towards outlawing only those words that will get her in trouble at school.

    You could try Culturelle to help head off thrush and also the stomach upset that often comes with taking antibiotics. Or maybe you're already taking acidophilus or something similar?

  3. It's clearly time to introduce her to Red Dwarf, and the word "smeg".

  4. I am eating active culture yogurt, which I make using Easy-Yo. But, I am going through those packets alarmingly fast. They cost $5-6 USD per package in LA! I remembered them being quite reasonably priced in NZ.

    Cloud, do you have any family visiting from NZ who can bring some more over?

  5. If you buy them in a box here they're around $1.90 (Aust) here - I could send you some! I see them in the supermarket all the time.

    There are instructions here for making yogurt using the easy-yo equipment but without the sachets, I've never made yogurt so I don't know how well it works, but you could give it a go.


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