Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Schulz' Influence

I forgot to mention that our whole family loves the bittersweet humor of the Peanuts cartoons. Iris has devoured the anthologies from our public library. She had a fair amount of patience with the museum exhibits, too. She listened intently to the audio tour about Schroeder and Beethoven. When she got home, she ran upstairs and dug out her toy piano and started to play. A few days later, she got out her old, abandoned piano lesson book and started to practice every day.

She also expressed interest in learning to play bridge. On the ferry to Alcatraz, we taught her how to play hearts. When we got home, I gave her a copy of the coloring & activity book*, Teach Me to Play: A First Bridge Book. If I can just teach one of her friends how to play, we will have a foursome.

* Do not laugh. I learned to play using the same book. Read that and Bridge for Dummies and you can start playing.

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