Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bye-bye Mommy & Me

Iris and I cleaned our closets and discovered this mommy and me set, which we have never worn. Iris grabbed that mauve Moda-Dea Curious yarn while we were at Joann's and asked for a poncho. I didn't want to make an entire poncho out of novelty yarn, so talked her into using it only as trim. I bought some coordinating Wool-ease.

She had so many ponchos, I thought I would make a loose cardigan, the one on my dress form. (Free pattern for the Gail cardigan at Berroco's website.) When I presented it to her, she threw it on the ground. She said that a poncho doesn't have arms; you throw it over your head and then you go! Four years old and she was already too busy to bother reaching for sleeves.

I bought more yarn and made the top-down poncho, following Barbara Walker's directions.

The weather in Los Angeles is not conducive to wearing these. Iris also pronounced the poncho itchy. She is such a sensitive child. (But it should also teach me not to buy yarn at Joann's.)

If you and your daughter would like this set, leave a comment. I will even mail it to you. If you live in Australia or New Zealand, I may ask you to send me something in return that I can't buy in the states.

(If you live in Melbourne, my condolences about the 3 successive days of 49C/120F high temperatures. If I ship by surface, the weather will be cool enough by the time it arrives to wear them.)

OMG, it is raining in Los Angeles!


  1. Anonymous15:01

    like me and dougher :)

  2. Anonymous16:48

    I love it but alas methinks the mommy one is too small for moi.

    I'm in NZ btw, so if there is something specifically Kiwi you want, let me know. I *think* there even might still be a kiwi store over in Redondo or Manhattan Beach.

    Great blog too! :-)


  3. They're really cute, but alas, I have no-one to wear the "me" one!

  4. Anonymous12:20

    This set could've been made for me & my daughter. My daughter is 3yo and I am 5'2" and usually wear a womens' medium (depending). Even better, I live in your local area. I work for FedEx behind the Whole Foods in El Segundo. Also, not sure what you meant by SoCal weather not being conducive. It's pouring outside as I type and quite chilly! Daughter & I would be proud to become new owners of pancho and sweater set.

  5. Gloria M.,

    Your proximity wins! I work very close to the ES. Whole Foods, too.

    Email me using my profile's email link. I will contact you to arrange delivery.

    The only rule is that you need to send me a pix of you and your DD wearing the outfit for my projects scrapbook.

  6. So nice to see a happy ending to the poncho story.


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