Tuesday, February 03, 2009


with capers and tomatoes. Recipe from the special edition DVD of Cinema Paradiso.

(Apologies to The Enthusiast for ripping off her What'd We Have for Dinner idea. But, years before I discovered her blog, I lurked in the What Did You Have for Dinner Last Night? section of the Global Gourmet. )

Bad Dad told me that I should not complain about the # of DVDs he owns when they give him such great dinner ideas and recipes. I told him to blog his dinners, because they combine his great loves, movies and food. He gave the blogging without obligation defense; he will blog whenever he pleases.

He added asparagus, roasted in the pan with a a non-dairy trans-fat free buttery spread, which Michael Pollan would not recognize as food. It doth protest too much. It has Omega-3 written in a huge font all over it.

I am staying home from work this week in an attempt to get over the infections plaguing me since Dec 26. That's a scary long time to be sick. Mark says he knows I haven't slept a full night since then, because he hasn't slept a full night either, listening to me cough all night.

I don't have any knitting or sewing to share. (That's why I am on sick leave.) But, I am reading and napping and Mark is doing all the cooking and cleanup! If only Iris could magically take care of herself...


  1. I hope the rest this week will be a huge help on your health. Peace!

  2. Actually, asparagus was sauteed in olive oil. Don't trust the chemical spread for sautee(who knows what it would turn into with intense heat).

  3. I'm sending you good health wishes!

  4. Please get better! I'm back at work and would love to have lunch when you are well.

  5. Does your hubby know that director robert Rodgriguez has a Puerco Bibil recipe on either the El Mariachi, or the Once Upon a Time in Mexico DVDs? We haven't made it yet, but it does look yummy :-)


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