Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Free Range Cats

A tipster sent me the link to Mr Lee and the collar-mounted CatCam and CatTrack.
Check out the gallery of CatCam pictures. Click on the thumbnails to see the series for each cat. I learned that cats spend a great deal of time under cars.

This cat wanders over a larger area than most kids!
Users have found many creative uses. Check out a day in the life of a milk cow in the Swiss Alps. Has anyone attached one of these to their kid yet?

Seriously, I was so happy when Iris found a couple of playmates that lived within a block of our house. Finally, she could demonstrate her independence by walking alone to a playdate. Why, she might eventually have impromptu playdates!

I started the campaign with pre-arranged playdates. I watched from our driveway as she walked over to a home on the next block; she has to cross a residential street that has a stoplight at the arterial road nearby. When it was time to send her home at dinnertime, the other family called to ask what they should do. I told them to let her walk home alone, but to remind her to be careful at the intersection. They walked her over instead.

Another playmate lives 750 feet away, with only two quiet street crossings. They still want an adult to walk the kids back and forth. In fact, they told their kids that they would not be allowed to be home alone until they are sixteen! There might be a backstory to this. The parents are definitely not risk-averse adults. The father is a movie stuntman and does all sorts of unbelievable things in a normal workday.


  1. If Iris is anything like Ellie, she would lose the collar within the first hour.

  2. Notice that I am not buying one for Iris.


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