Sunday, April 11, 2010

The art critic as a 9 year old

"Do you know why there are so many pictures of naked women in art?"

"No, why?"

"It's just an excuse so the artist can get women to take off their clothes.  Artists are very sexist."

We may have a future Guerrilla Girl!

We only had 3 hours today at the Barnes Foundation.

That is not enough time.

We will have to go back to Philly another time. Sadly the Barnes will move to new digs shortly.   There is something special about seeing an idiosyncratic art collection in such an isolated setting.  (Think about the trek to  One of the rationales for the move is to open up the collection to more viewers.  Call me an elitist, but I like the way the foundation limits the number of people who can visit at any one time.  It is so rare to view so many masterpieces without crowds.  The journey is part of the experience.  Go there, if you can, before it moves.

In preparation for our visit, we went to LACMA last month to view The Art of the Steal.  Iris was really excited to see the collections--for about 2 hours.  Then Bad Dad installed her outside under a crabapple tree with The Mummy Case so we could continue for another hour.


  1. You might want to try the Mutter Museum next time you are in Philly.

  2. Iris is a very perceptive girl. Once a photographer asked me to pose nude (when I was 19) and I told my father about it and my father said, "these people never have your best interests at heart". So I didn't pose, because he was right.

  3. Could there be anything more fun than vacationing with Iris and her Bad Parents? Wish we were there.

  4. I love the Mutter Museum!
    Iris is too funny.

  5. Ahh the wisdom of the 9 to 10 year old girl. Hang on to it as long as you can.

    It has been years since I have been to the Barnes, I am not sure that more people will enhance the experience.


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