Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Earth Day Hard Sell

My inbox is crammed with commercial messages telling me what I should buy to go green for Earth Day.  You know what would be really green?

Don't buy anything.  Just consume less every day.

I feel slightly embarrassed about being on the bandwagon because the first meeting of the Good Neighbor Knitting Club, at Neighborhood Grinds, falls on Earth Day, April 22.  We will meet at 7 PM.  I can help you with your knitting project; crocheter extraodinaire Pennamite can help you with your crochet conundrums.

Bring your current project, or I can show you how to knit a sleeve for your coffee cup.  Bring some ratty old t-shirts and I will show you how to make yarn out of it so you can knit a bath mat.  Bring your own needles/hooks and yarn.  I plan to bring a bag of yarn that I am destashing.  (Earth day is a good time to swap or give away excess materials.)

Thursday is  also delivery day for Tanaka Farms--Madison Elementary School CSA.  There will be samples of the large ($30) and small ($20) boxes for you to check out.

That's why I am so embarrassed; BMGM is shilling for people on Earth Day.  But, I am shilling for a small urban family farm and a neighborhood coffee joint (run by neighbors that send their kids to the same schools) that roasts their own (often fair trade) coffee beans.

Come by and say hello.  You don't have to buy anything.  We will be at 2315 Artesia Blvd Ste #1, in North Redondo Beach at 7 PM, April 22.  Here's a map.

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  1. The knitting group sounds nice. I just cut up a bunch of tees to use in other projects, not knitting, another group of tees is becoming yarn for a bath matt, but I still need yardage so It may be a bit before I start.


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