Monday, April 05, 2010

Dye Magic

This shirt had been relegated to Goodwill (thrift store) because of a fountain pen mishap near the pocket.  Can you see the stain now?
I especially like the way the button imprinted itself on the fabric in the dye process.  I used Procion fiber reactive dye in a manly imperial purple.  The dyes that contain blue tend to react more slowly than the pink and yellow ones, yielding more interesting effects such as this.
Here's the back of the shirt.  Bad Dad was in a hurry so the picture came out a bit blurry.
Iris wanted a short-sleeved smocked top for summer.  We bought a new one from Dharma and she dyed it emerald green.  I made her a new yellow skirt with some yellow remnants in my fabric collection.  I found the yellow capris last Fall on the clearance rack, but waited until Spring to give them to her.
Iris' stained long-sleeved smocked top had a date with fuchsia pink dye.  This shirt was given to her 4 yo cousin.  I found a vintage plastic button and epoxied a pin back to the back.  I wouldn't want to wear a bullseye on my torso, but the kids seem to like the pin.
Iris' old velour zip hoodie was cleaned up and dyed with turquoise, again for her cousin.  Another bullseye.
There are more dye experiments, which I will show later.

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  1. I like that tie-dye meets pinstripe look on bad-dad's shirt. It almost makes it seem to have texture in the photograph.


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