Monday, November 26, 2012

Process or Product?

Do you create for the process or the product?

This Sideways Spencer is a wadder due entirely to operator error.  I knit one size down because I was using a thicker yarn, and I forgot that I have muscular arms and could have used the extra few stitches.  Then I overcompensated by knitting the body too large.

I also changed the silhouette from empire to waist length by adding a repeat.  But I used the ribbing stitch count for the empire sweater, so it is too loose at the waist.

I practiced picking up ribbing from both a cast-on and bound-off edge (CF bands), making neat buttonholes in ribbing, the tubular cast-on (neck, wrist and bottom) and cast-off (one wrist), and attaching a neck binding with backstitch.  Oh, I also used a 3-needle bind-off to attach the bottom ribbing to the body.

I made a sweater for a M-L person with toothpick arms.  It's available at Goodwill if you are shopping for such a person.  ;-)

Knitters can read the gory details on Ravelry.

This project is definitely about the process.  The practice and trial and error gives me the confidence to tackle the finishing steps of Smoke and Ash.  The completed pieces have languished for three years because I was afraid that my finishing skills were not up to the level that the sweater deserves.  So this project is not a failure because I learned how I wish to approach that project.  Stay tuned. 

This experience falls very definitely in the process category.

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  1. Interesting post! In the new year (i.e., once we're past the time sink known as the holidays) I will be starting a project that involves coding. It is definitely a project that is more process than product, although it will produce a product. My main reason for doing it is that I want to refresh my programming skills.


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