Tuesday, February 05, 2013


I've changed my thinking about math training. See my retraction.

The Mathcounts season is over for Iris' school. Like last year, they placed highly, but not highly enough to advance to the state tournament. They were bested by a highly selective private school and a few teams from wealthy neighborhoods who took a much more serious attitude towards training (5 years of daily practice, summer camps to train for math competition, really?).  But, I am proud of how well our kids did in comparison to other teams that took a similar "Let's keep it fun and upbeat" attitude.

The kids received two T-shirts for participating and Iris and another teammate won gift cards for ice cream for placing in the top (whatever) percentile.  Afterwards, the entire team went out for ice cream to celebrate.

Shapeless event T-shirts tend to go unworn and unloved in Iris' closet.  I recut the Ts using Kwik Sew 3476, adding waist shaping, trimming the body (from tunic to long T) and sleeve (from full to 3/4) lengths.  I found some knits with metallic foil at SAS in colors that match.  Click the photos to see the fabrics in full metallic glory.

After the most recent growth spurt, this 12 year old is wearing a size 14 or Kwik Sew Children's XL.
I purchased Kwik Sew 3476 to make performance ski-underwear for our upcoming trip.  The polyester interlock pieces I found at SAS were perfect for the T-shirt.  But, they lacked the lycra 2-way stretch  required for the leggings.

I'm proud of the stripe-matching.  But the leggings are going off to Goodwill.  Perhaps a very skinny child will find them useful.
Don't worry, I made her 3 more pairs with lycra.  You'll see the picture of those shortly.


  1. Goodwill or chop those pants up to use as trim on other garments?

    Nice transformation on the t-shirts.

  2. @ Myrna, I still have some pieces of the striped knits for later use. I'll just send these leggings off to GW. My zero waste bin is filling up fast and I need to make space.

    @ Raye Ann, You are welcome to the leftover pieces of the metallic foil knits. There's plenty left to sew for Q. Should I set them aside for you?

  3. Seriously? Skinnier than Iris?

  4. Yes, there are girls at her school even skinnier than Iris. They tend to be into competitive dieting, aka gymnastics/dance.

  5. That is some serious maths training!
    I like all the striped gear, very smart. Pit it doesn't fit, but good thing you've still got enough left to make her some more :)


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