Sunday, March 03, 2013

Cerisara in Silky Merino

I finished Cerisara more than a year ago and never blogged about it or updated the entry in Ravelry. I dropped by Twist Yarns in Manhattan Beach yesterday, in the hopes that KIP, knitting in public, would help me find the mojo to finish a Knit Swirl cardigan that had became very large and unwieldy. It worked.

It also gave me a chance to visit my cardigan, which is on display in the front of the store.  Twist Yarns is open Wednesday-Saturday and the first Sunday of every month.  That means you can stroke the Malabrigo silky merino (50/50 silk/merino) cardigan from 12-4 today.

Ravelled here (with construction details of interest to knitters).

@Steph A  Yes, the sweater feels lovely, but it clings to my hips a bit.  I need to line the bottom half of the sweater with some silk habutai to prevent the cling.

The truth is, I've made so many lovely clothes over the years, I need to clean out my closet.  I sent two bags to Goodwill and gave 4 sweaters to an Australian blogger that visited me over the holidays.  I also set aside a bag of clothes for a friend in Boulder.  Baby steps.

I wonder if, at PR weekend SF, we can hold a fabric and book swap one evening?  Hmm, that might happen if someone organized it.


  1. Very lovely!

    I hope you blog about your Knit Swirl cardigan. I am very, very interested in that particular family of designs, and would love to know if you find it to be flattering on a smaller frame.

  2. @scifiknitter
    I am knitting the cover sweater, an off-center oval. I tried it on at the point where the sleeves begin and it looked very promising. Cathy, the proprietress says that .every. Knit Swirl sweater her customers have brought in has been flattering on every figure.

    So far so good. I'm 1/3 done with the body/sleeve section.

    I shortened the sweater by 5 welts because a 33" long sweater would engulf me. I could end up with quite a bit of yarn left over because the outer rows use so much yarn. (It goes with r^2.)

  3. This cardigan is absolutely beautiful. So well knit! How nice, to have it in the store window.

  4. Oooh, it's lovely!!! Beautiful colour too, I don't know how you can stand to leave it at the store!! It must feel absolutely luscious.

  5. Wow, that's beautiful! I can't believe you can consent to let it live somewhere else.

  6. Wow, that cardigan is quite stunning!! Beautiful lace work. You are generous to let the store display it :) I would be wanting to wear it myself!

  7. Very pretty sweater. Have you lined parts of a sweater before? I'd be interested in knowing more about that.


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