Wednesday, March 13, 2013

February-March Sewing with Silk

February ended nearly two weeks ago. What did you make in silk?

In January, I lined a dress in this large floral silk.  In February, I cut out a 12" bias strip the full width of  this fabric to make a long bias scarf.  This may not look like much, but cutting and hemming a long length of bias-cut light-weight silk is not a trivial project.

I plan to wear it with a linen shirt purchased at a thrift shop.  The label says Eileen Fisher, made in the USA of Irish linen.  It landed in the shop because of badly frayed buttonholes.  A spool of buttonhole twist and the hand-worked buttonhole method that my mother taught me when I was in middle school, and I have a new blouse!

I carefully pressed the long bias edges of the scarf to the wrong side, sewed close to the edge, turned it under and stitched it again.  Bias and lightweight silk.  Easier said then done.  But it is done and it is exactly what this blouse needs.

Ever notice that Eileen Fisher clothes and accessories are always solids?  While they use texture effectively, they .never. use prints.

A metallzed linen skirt lined in Bemberg rayon, Vogue 9951, completes this Spring outfit.

In March, we're sewing with a border print.  While shopping at SAS with Rose last weekend, a black cotton voile with white eyelet border embroidery came home with me.  Perhaps I should make another Burda 2011-02-101.


  1. Mmmm, a lovely print on that silk, making a quietly beautiful scarf. I like it a lot!
    Good find on the Eileen Fisher shirt. And great you knew how to fix the buttonholes!

  2. " Ever notice that Eileen Fisher clothes and accessories are always solids? While they use texture effectively, they .never. use prints. "

    I've never really looked at their clothes but that's interesting since I love texture. I'll check into it. Thanks.

  3. What a lovely dress! I'm glad that you were able to refurbish it! I enjoyed meeting up with you on Saturday. Thank you for helping me find more treasures at SAS!

    Rose in SV

  4. Bias and lightweight silk is definitely a recipe for tears. Beautiful scarf, and it's nice to add a print to the neutral solids. Very classic and classy look.


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