Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Team Antigone

Bad Dad, Little Hunting Creek and I are all enrolled in CB22x The Ancient Greek Hero. We'll take a quick tour of the entire Iliad in 2.5 weeks with close readings of selected passages.  Then we will move on to the Odyssey and beyond.

Students are divided up into sections of ~1000 participants. I'm in Antigone. Bad Dad is in Iphigenia.

Which section are you in?

Bad Dad mentions that things don't end well for either character.


  1. I'm in Melikertes, a lesser sea-god of whom I know nothing. Bad Dad is right about Antigone and her cousin. A troubled family, when you think about it. But as a later (much later) playwright observed, the happy families are all alike.No one wants to write about them.
    Reading the Iliad again after 30 plus years is very good mental exercise.

  2. Yup, when I read Antigone as a teen, I did not understand why she was so upset about the proper burial.

    But, after listening to Elizabeth Vandiver, I reread recently it with new understanding.


    Have you heard her lectures? They are uniformly excellent.


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