Saturday, July 06, 2013

February in July

Remember what Little Hunting Creek wrote about the Paradox of Choice?  I signed on to join her schedule.  The plan skidded off the rails when I had a little hang up with sewing a border print.  Anyway, it may be time to get back with the program.

I found myself sewing with silk, February's plan, in July.  Behold, Vogue 1291 in cotton/lycra interlock and silk crepe de chine (cdc).
I purchased this mystery piece at SAS Fabrics for ~$2, thinking it was poly and I was going to run off a cheap and quick muslin of the new to me pattern.  But, when I machine washed and dried it, the fabric finish came out and a flame test proved it was silk.    Happy surprise.

I had only 24" on the wide side and 40" on the long side of the of this 44" wide cdc.  The pattern called for 1 5/8 yards and I had much less than that.  Fortunately, single layer cutting allowed me to lay all the pieces out and on the intended grain.  If you want to reduce waste, try single layer cutting.
I used a visible band rather than the turned under and stitched neck band given in the pattern instructions.  The pattern suggests ~24" for the neck band and I cut 21", but it was still too wide.
The coolest thing about this pattern is the sleeves.  I love a topological challenge and was compelled to try the pattern just to learn how it works.  When you put it on, it's really fun how your arms appear like a turtle's flippers out of these things.
As you can see, I am out of practice with the roll hemmer.  It looks OK if you don't get too close.  And it would be rude to stand so close anyway.

I initially gathered the front sleeve at the neckline, but didn't like how that looked.  Ungathered, there is still enough room for your arm in the bottom opening.
My measurements fall between a B and C on Sandra Betzina's size chart.  I made a size C, because I am closer to a C than a B.  But, I should have sized down to a B or even an A.  It's huge around my neck.  The design needs to have zero/negative ease at the hips when sewn in a woven/knit to hold it up.

The shape of the knit body panels fit nicely into the scraps leftover from cutting out the skirt, Vogue 1358.   You can see version #4 and #5.  I bought the navy interlock at Fabrix during PR weekend.
At PR weekend, Sandra Betzina brought racks full of clothes from her own wardrobe made with her Vogue pattern line and allowed us to try them on.  This top is flattering to people with large shoulders and slim hips.  I wasn't sure how it would work on me.  Now I know it is meh.  However, making it was fun.

While the serger was threaded in navy, I made one other thing.  But, I want to digress to some science explaining before I get back to sewing blogging.


  1. I like the colors-it's pretty. I made two hawaiian shirts but have to take pictures. Still finishing my "formal" top from June. Real life keeps interfering with my artistic pursuits.

  2. From where I'm sitting, your finishings look great.
    Another great SAS find.


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