Thursday, July 25, 2013

Some good news about free range kids

It's been super-busy chez BMGM this summer.  Our houseguests have left.  The three of us spent one night together under the same roof, without house guests, in the past 5.5 weeks.  We'll spend one more night together at home in the next week.  Things don't look like they will let up anytime soon.

Being home with a teen-aged know-it-all this summer often brings to mind the Dunning-Kruger effect*.

A last-minute announcement that she is going to her BFF's sleepover birthday party when we had a visit to San Diego planned just threw a monkey wrench into our already tight schedule.  I wasn't so keen on last-minute present shopping and wrapping either.

You know what she did?  She and two buddies set out on their scooters after lunch today and came back around dinner time.  She brought home a bag filled with presents and wrapping paper.  They went to the neighborhood mall, then the dollar store on Artesia for gift wrap, and finished up at the coffee shop to share a brownie for sustenance after their expedition.

I'm so proud of these free range kids.

Now, if I can just get her to eat something nutritious before bedtime.

* She actually said that she knows more about technology than I do.  Dead pan.  I think she really meant it.  OMG.  Total Dunning-Kruger effect.


  1. Don't you just love the last minute planning of a young teen? Sometimes I've just been brutally honest, "I'm sorry, I need to do XYZ at the same time as you've just scheduled [paintball, a sleepover, a skateboard outing, etc]. Can you figure out how to do what you want without involving me?"

  2. You're all amazing.


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