Thursday, July 25, 2013

Slowly going back to normal

Our house guests from Mexico have departed.  They barely left the guest room while they were in our house.  Their schedule was so busy, it felt more like I was running a bed and breakfast cum livery service rather than hosting cultural exchange students.

Since Bad Dad and I don't speak Spanish, and they don't speak English, we relied on Google Translate a great deal.  The mother/group chaperone didn't criticize my housekeeping to my face.  But, I noticed that the kids had a conversation on Google Translate about how come the dishes are so dirty.  (Iris replied that the glasses aren't dirty, but they do come out cloudy from the dishwasher.)

While they were here, Bad Dad was in the middle of a field experiment, working out of a local municipal airport.  He came home a few hours a day to shower and sleep, but worked every day for two weeks.

Meanwhile, Iris stayed home with a modest fever and a head cold that developed into a sinus infection. She was so sick, she missed most of the exchange week activities, including Disneyland.  You know your kid is sick when she turns down a free trip to Disneyland.

Our Aussie visitors are friends and I was a lot more relaxed about housekeeping.  Moreover, one of them asked if there was anything from Australia that I coveted.  She showed up with six Style Arc patterns in my size.  She can stay with us anytime.  (Actually, she's been coming to the US on average every six months and usually schedules an LAX layover at our house bearing gifts.)

I hope to show the Style Arc projects soon.  But, I haven't even shown the Jalie patterns I picked up at PR Weekend in April.  I've sewn one up and love it.  One day, I'll do a proper review.

On the good news front, I learned how to switch from Google Hangouts back to the old Gmail Chat interface.  I really hated the Hangout interface because it required me (at least in Safari) to click on the chat box before typing.  In Chat, I could just start typing.  Interface and U/X designers, why add that extra step to something that worked fine before?

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  1. Looks like you have a good range of patterns to try in the future.


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