Thursday, January 02, 2014

PSA about that annoying pop-up window

Are you getting an annoying pop-up window asking you to login to when trying to view a page or leave a comment on this blog?

I fell prey to a Blogger glitch and I'm putting this info out in case you also experience it on your Blogger blog.  I'm generally careful not to hotlink to other sites.  I have made an exception for a very large file from the CIMSS satellite blog, but I asked permission first.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that I was inadvertently hotlinking to and triggering this login window when trying to view any page on this blog displaying the Blogroll widget.

If you run the Blogger Blogroll widget on the sidebar of your blog, then it hotlinks to images on other blogs. That's not a problem for other Blogger blogs. But, for some non-Blogger blogs, such as the Colletterie blog, this can be construed as bandwidth theft.  The owners of those servers have a legitimate complaint and may use means (such as this pop-up) to restrict such uses.

Anyway, I took the Colletterie blog off my Blogger Blogroll widget.  Clear your server cache and this annoying thing will stop happening to you when you view my blog.  If you also have the Colletterie blog on your Blogger Blogroll, be aware that the same thing may happen to your blog.

The webmaster at the Colletterie blog is aware of the situation and trying to find a resolution that won't lose them inbound links.  If you experience this problem, I hope you find this easy short-term fix useful.


  1. Thanks for this! i wondered why it was happening - as it was at least a name i recognised I wasn't too freaked out, but was slightly worried.

  2. Anonymous22:26

    Thank you! Elle

  3. I tried to figure out how to email you privately to ask about this. Thanks for resolving the issue!

  4. Thanks Grace. I'll go and fix this now.
    I wasn't sure where to start.

    1. I'm glad this was useful info. Were you seeing this pop-up on your blog or mine?

  5. Oh dear, I usually hotlink to pattern companies, and never thought anything of it. Thanks for bringing this up, I better go change my links!


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