Thursday, February 12, 2015

Comfort Squared

My highest sewing ROI for time is probably the 17 year-old flannel robe that I am wearing right now.  Then, it is a toss-up between my self-drafted aprons and knit pull-on pajama pants.  I make many pairs for Iris, myself, Bad Dad and for babies not related to us.

Bad Dad purchased some RTW knit PJ pants once, and they were so thin, they developed holes after a season.  The ones I make are visibly nicer.

The last time Bad Dad visited his very good dad (my FIL), he admired Bad Dad's PJ pants.  I got the hint and combed my fabric collection for future PJs.

I found two light-weight cotton/lycra French terry knits, in dark charcoal marl and light grey/ivory stripes. I had already traced out Kwik Sew 1139 in the right size so this was really a quick (or should I write, kwik?) project.

Kwik Sew 1139 is OOP, but it is available on Etsy.

Amazingly, I have sewn 15 yards and only purchased 1.5 yards of fabric in 2015. Let's not mention the ~30 yards I bought in SF and LA last Fall.  ;-)

I'm happy when I can make something simple, but much nicer than RTW.  That's fortunate because, these days, I don't have the time or attention to spare for more complicated things.

I made up a sewing list for the year and saw that the highest priority items are utilitarian things like PJ pants, aprons, pillows and hats.  I'll also throw in a couple of quick summer tops in fun prints.

What's on your 2015 sewing list?


  1. My list: pajamas for everyone(my son complained the Gap ones were "flimsy"), boxers for my husband, a robe for me, New tee shirts. Potholders, pillowcases. Now just need extra time

    1. Potholders! I need more potholders.

      I made 6 great pillowcases last year with t-shirts from Goodwill and a remnant of shirt-weight denim. Jean + tees bedding. Inexpensive, soft, and capturing embedded water, too.


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