Monday, February 23, 2015


Sometimes, I shake my head in wonder about how Iris comes up with stuff.

Take our outing to the Denver Art Museum during their visit. I asked her to pretend to be a piece of art while I took a picture. She immediately stuck out her tongue to match the protrusions behind her.

Bad Dad says that she takes after me.  I'm skeptical about that.  But, I scrolled through the photographs of their visit and saw a picture of me imitating the flatirons behind us.

He also snuck a picture of me.  I love the dog photobomb.

What a difference a week makes.  The trails were snow-free and nearly dry during Presidents' Day weekend.  A week later, we have over a foot of snow on the ground.  (Officially, Boulder got ~15" over 3 days, but my neighborhood gets more than average.)

More Jason Rogenes artwork made from trash at DAM.

Don't miss the incredible watercolors of William Mathews on view now at DAM.  Does this portrait remind you of

this portrait?

The horizon line, the buildings in the background, the Jackson Pollock-like depiction of grass...

And then Leah posted a picture of one of Luke Haynes' quilts on view at quiltcon.

The purple shadows of the cow portrait also remind me of the Matisse and Friends fauvism show that recently closed at DAM.

BTW, Iris is wearing Kwik Sew 3476 in the top photo. As you can see, they fit.

Can you tell that I have been spending a lot of time looking at artwork for paint color inspiration?


  1. The Luke Haynes quilt is a riff off of the Wyatt, except I think he had a friend post for the girl in the grass. That is one thing he does, use a well known piece of art and interpret it his own way.

    1. That was quite revolutionary at the time, showing disabled people in art. I think that Mathews is quite revolutionary, too. When my jaded 14 yo first walked into the exhibit and realized those were watercolors, she gasped.

  2. That quilt is amazing. We just repainted using a Georgia O'Keefe painting of Taos pueblos as color inspiration,so the color is Aztec Brick by Behr(I wondered if the Aztecs made bricks, I thought they used stones? But that's another issue.) The kitchen will be deep blue. It's fun to use art for color inspiration.

    1. That sounds fantastic. Please send me a photo of your kitchen when you are done.


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