Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dressing Rodents

I've heard of dressing up dogs and cats, but rodents? I saw this hamster in an intarsia sweater at Cute Overload and it certainly deserves that title.

Then I saw Nina Leen's series of photographs of "Tommy Tucker" in costumes sewn by Zaidee Bullis.  I guess there is a long tradition of sewing and knitting for rodents.

But, could this bizarre picture be for real?  Can you make a teddy bear that tiny?

What about you? What's the smallest being you have made clothing for?

I think I started making stuff for Iris when she was a baby. But, not all the stuff got worn; babies grow so fast and I was unskilled at anticipating the season when something will fit.


  1. i saw that post about Tommy Tucker and just had it stuck in my mind for a long time. still can't articulate why it's so intriguing. but Tommy loved the camera and the camera loved him.

  2. Yes. There is something about his gaze into the camera that makes him not just a pawn, but a partner in the artwork.


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