Thursday, April 09, 2015


Bad Dad and Iris are visiting me in Boulder over her Spring Break.  Is it a staycation if 2 out of 3 of us don't live in Boulder and one of us is working half days?

I've been working half days at the office and then joining them at the Conference on World Affairs (CWA) 2015 after work.

[CWA is a week-long conference full of panels and talks about everything under the sun, and even in other solar systems.  Unlike other conferences, it's free and open to the public. Speakers and panelists are not only not paid, they actually pay their own travel expenses.  They are hosted gratis by community members in their own homes.  It's the anti-conference.]

We particularly enjoy Ebert Interruptus every afternoon between 4:00 and 6:00 at Macky Auditorium.  This year, we did a cinematic 'close reading' of A Face in the Crowd.  Wow.  What a great movie.  By an amazing coincidence, one of the drum majorette extras in the movie was in the audience with us.

Macky Auditorium and flags of the world set up for CWA.
Because we are on vacation, I'm not cooking dinner.  We've been trying restaurants all over town.

The "Rocket Ghee Roast" dosa at Jai Ho.  Yum.
Boulder is so pretty right now, with the trees showing off.

In front of Hale Science building on the CU campus.
In other news, our new home (a 46 year-old home being remodeled) passed the "rough" inspection today.  All electrical, plumbing and HVAC were deemed up to modern code standards by the city.  Next week, our condo gets new energy-efficient windows, insulation and drywall.

Bad Dad, not the city, required Cat 6 data ports in every room.

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