Monday, June 29, 2015

No Go

Remember when I made such a point about aligning the doorway to make moving furniture easier?
I should have trusted my instincts and insisted on a wider door.  I went with standard 30" doors (with 29" wide openings) on all bedrooms and 24" wide doors on all bathrooms.

The couch was 4 inches too long to go through the 78" doorway while upright.  The 36" wide hallways were too narrow to angle the couch through.  So they took the feet off the sofa and tried to go in straight and horizontal.
It's a no go.  If the door opening was just 3" wider, the sofabed would be in the sitting area on the east side of the condo today.  I should have insisted on a 36" door there instead of being talked into the standard sizes.
Instead, I have two big leather couches in my living room.  It looked like a furniture gallery.  Ugh!

Initially, I was hysterically calling Bad Dad and the lady who sold me the sectional.  But, it looks fine for now.  When Iris graduates from HS and Bad Dad moves out here to join me, we were going to embark upon a second round of remodeling tweaks on the eastern side of the condo.

We were going to replace the aluminum sliders with wood-framed French windows so we'll replace two doors instead of one.  We took all of the asbestos-laden sheetrock off the wall with the doorway that needs to be widened; the tweak will not require the asbestos-removal team to return.  The sofabed will eventually reside in the east balcony sitting area.

I feel better about it after laying down an area rug and doing a little sewing.  The view from the ironing table is inspiring!

I bought 25" square pillow inserts.  What color(s) should I make the pillow covers?


  1. I like that bit of soft red on the couch. More of that would be good. Any color should, IMO, be subtle but rich, to interact with the beautiful scenery outside the windows.

    1. That soft red used to be a bright red, when I made the pillow 20 years ago. Hmm, I made the pillow in Boulder, moved it to LA with me, and now it is back in Boulder. That's a well-traveled pillow.

      I auditioned an acid green to teal print last night by wrapping it around the pillows. I have a bit of hot pink linen for a smaller pillow. It looks like fun. I'm going to go with it.


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