Sunday, June 14, 2015

Treehouse 2

When Bad Dad and I were shopping for our first home, we nicknamed the houses. We called the house we eventually bought in California 'the treehouse' because of the several large trees on the north, east and south sides of the home.

I bought another treehouse in Boulder.

Poang chairs with Lack table and my hand-knitted bolsters.
This condo is in downtown Boulder, with a walkscore of 91/100.  Yet, I look out through trees towards the mountains on the north and west sides and across trees and a creek on the east side.  The shuttle to work stops two blocks from here.

We installed mirrors against one wall to amplify the view.

We have two architects.  One architect/general contractor (GC), and an hourly architectural consultant who is a retired architect.  The consultant came up with the idea of cutting the mirror into pieces about the same size as the windows and then sizing a chair rail the same depth as the windowsill and kitchen countertop.

The line continues across the kitchen countertop, with glass-fronted kitchen cabinets and a window along the rest of that wall.  The effect is all light and line.

The GC primarily builds gorgeous (and large) custom homes.  The consultant primarily built 'not so big' homes that are modest in scale, but with many thoughtful extra touches.  Are you interested in seeing some of the other details they designed?

It's starting to feel like home as I unpack and put my hand-made items out.  I intended to tie-dye these IKEA Poang chair cushions.  But, I love the tone-on-tone creaminess of my hand-knitted bolsters layered on top of the natural unbleached and undyed cotton canvas.  I may leave them in that state for now.  Do you recognize the patchwork Valentine pillow I made for Bad Dad?


  1. SanMarie23:02

    Yes I'd love to see more details. So good you are in at last!

  2. That's a nice design detail!

  3. Anonymous08:39

    Yes, yes, YES!!!! More details please. I am hooked already.
    Vancouver Barbara

  4. It's beautiful! More pictures, please!

  5. Beautiful, serene home. I'd love to see more details.

  6. Your new home looks great, and I am another person who would like seeing thoughtful details you included in the renovation. I'm very impressed with the careful choice of location, minimizing carbon consumption and maximizing everyday enjoyment.

    I think we have the same couch in our living room, and we also have 2 Poangs, although ours are leather.

    1. I bought this sofabed for Iris' visits to the tiny temporary apt. Is this the same one you have?


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