Monday, June 08, 2015

Sewing Area Progress

The contractors are putting the finishing touches on the condo this week. I spent most of the weekend unpacking and running the type of errands that you normally do when moving.

I set up my new sewing table, but didn't unpack my machines yet; they are still doing drywall patching, and plaster and paint touchups.  From the right end of the table, you can look out the window at a peek of the Flatirons through the tree branches.

New Sewing Table under track lights with sunlight temperature LED bulbs.
Do I really have 7 bankers' boxes of patterns?  Apparently, yes.
Patterns and books.
Today is the start of a very busy two weeks at work. Then, I need to sew under time pressure before Bad Dad and Iris' visit. (Iris asked for a replacement of a nightgown that she wore to shreds.)

I packed a suitcase of clothes so I could stay with friends for a few days between when my apartment lease ended and the condo was ready for occupancy. However, a few days turned into two weeks.

I learned that I can live on a capsule wardrobe if I have to, but I prefer not to. I like more variety in my wardrobe.

What was it that Bartleby the Scrivener said?

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