Sunday, September 27, 2015

Burda 8984 Refashion

Remember those two thrifted XL T-shirts in their original state?
One of two thrifted shirts perfectly color-matched to the skirt.
When Burda first started selling paper patterns in the US with seam allowances, a sewing friend raved about this pattern.  I bought it.  At ~20 years, is this pattern OOP or Vintage?
I used scraps of black jersey from another project for facings.
One of the sleeves is pieced.
All hems were preserved and reused so that I didn't have to break out the twin needle this time.
Refashion chic outfit.
While sewing, I was very impressed with the accuracy of the draft for the shoulders, neck and sleeves. I'll update this post with fit notes after the DD tries it on.

Update: The front gapes.  If I were making another one from scratch, I would pinch out 1.5 - 2.0" along the slant front opening (in 2-3 places).  To alter this top, I will unpick the lower side seams and draw 1.5" in the wrap at the top edge, tapering to nothing at the hem.

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