Tuesday, September 15, 2015

30 minute skirt

Please excuse this blurry picture of two black skirts. You've seen one ponte pull-on skirt, you've seen them all.
Destined to stay in the closet. Vogue 1224 on the left, Simplicity 1072 on the right.
When DD asked for more skirts, specifically more tiered ruffled skirts made from recycled shirts, I blanched. Those are extremely time-consuming compared to simple pull-on skirts. Last year, I made her two tops, two skirts, a pair of shorts and a nightgown. The swirly green skirt gets tons of wear. The black pencil skirt, just once. The scuba knit top got worn none at all.

When she asked for more skirts. Emphasis on the plural. I talked her into one time-consuming one and one quick one. I saw this black ponte and Simplicity 1072 on top of my pile of supplies. The serger was already threaded up in black and the cutting supplies were set up. I whacked this out in 30 minutes. I even improved the fit with back waist darts.

Note to self, she doesn't need a black pencil skirt.  She already has one and never wears it.  She says that they are too confining.

Actually, my slim skirts get very little wear for the same reason*.


Will I ever learn?

These skirts were quick, but a complete waste of my time.  Next, the 300 minute skirt she wanted.

* A physical therapist says that skirts that force you to sit with your knees pressed together will cause your hips and lower back to ache.  Your knees naturally want to splay out a bit and you should not confine them in one uncomfortable position all day.  Who knew that narrow skirts are the sartorial equivalent of high heels?  (I mean that in the sense that PTs treat many women injured by them.)

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  1. Interesting point about pencil skirts and sitting with one's knees together. I find that position makes my back hurt, but I assumed it was just me. However a stretchy narrow skirt allows me to tuck one foot under me. But now I'm going to have start rethinking my choices in dresses and skirts. Increasingly I want to move wherever I need or want to without being hindered. Skirt choices are worth further thought.


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