Monday, September 21, 2015

Quick T-shirt refashion

I spent the weekend at the Jaipur Literature Festival instead of sewing or doing housework.  I'm spending my evening hours getting caught up with general housework.

I'll show a refashion from last month.
During the mild days of Fall, I often wear t-shirts layered under shirts or light-weight cardigans.  I can make my own plain t-shirts, but it's much easier to purchase them from thrift stores ($1 each) and customize the fit.

If a t-shirt fits across the chest, it's too snug at the hips.  If it fits at the hips, it's too loose at the chest and shoulders.

Cut the t-shirt to curve up, above the hips, on the sides.  Shorten the front and leave the back long, so it stays tucked in.

DD inherited the same build so you see mommy and me black t-shirts trimmed and ready for hemming.  I serge finish the bottoms, turn up, hem with a twin-needle, and give the hem a good press.  30 minutes and we both have basic black layering Ts.

As I wrote in Embedded water: cotton, a cotton t-shirt contains 700-1000 gallons of embedded water and ~1 pound of pesticides.  Let's get maximum utility out of that water and reduce our global pesticide use.


  1. Great idea. Do you serge the cut edge or leave it au naturel?

    1. "I serge finish the bottoms"

      That's exactly what I did.


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