Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Late Birds and the Best Valentine's Day Ever

We are 0 for 2 this week in getting Iris to school on time. I join all the other late bird and bad moms who wonder why we can't manage basic things like getting the kids to school on time.

OTOH, I did pack up and take the old mac-incompatible printer and scanner and donate it to her school this morning. I also volunteered to set it up in her classroom and show her teacher how she could use the scanner and computer to teach natural science.

The main reason we were late this morning was just because Iris and I were enjoying each other's company too much to rush. I woke her up with a big, "Happy Valentine's Day!" greeting and then pulled the pink heart dress that I made for her over her head. She swished around and then pantomimed, "I love you". I had to run for a camera to record the performance. With the camera rolling, she gave an encore performance and then went into an interpretive dance about the size of that love.

Then Iris wanted to play back the movie but I told her I didn't remember how to do it on the camera screen. She said that she would do it. So she took the camera and proceeded to flip some switches and navigate a couple of menus and replayed the movie clip for us. She is 5 years old. We read the instructions for the camera months ago and I promptly forgot everything. (Now, if only I can get her to come to work with me so that she can show me all the things I used to be able to do but now have to look up in a book.)

The day gets better. We went downstairs for breakfast and she saw the little Valentine and present (M&Ms) by her placemat. She read the card which featured a cat. After she told me it was the best Valentine's day ever, she went into baby kitty mode. This involves lots of meowing and licking. Maybe this was cuter when she was 3 than at 5, but I just want to treasure these moments before she is too self-conscious.

At work, DH called me up and invited me to lunch at a bistro nearby. We even had walnut streudel and coffee afterwards.

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