Saturday, February 18, 2006

More thoughts about LACMA

DH (dear husband) brought up something else about our last LACMA family Sunday outing. The kids collage activity took place on drop cloths on the third floor of the contemporary art building. They casually laid down a couple of drop cloths in front of David Hockney’s painting of Mulholland Drive and spread the art supplies around for the kids to go at it. (Iris recognized it as the picture hanging in our living room and told the docents about it.)

People say that LACMA is no Met. But can you imagine the Met welcoming kids into the galleries and letting them treat it like a living room? They let a bunch of kids wielding glue sticks spend the afternoon within a few feet of one of their most famous works of art.

I read that a new director has been appointed to head up LACMA. I hope he continues this tradition of accessibility.

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