Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lee Mullican @ LACMA

The family spent Sunday afternoon at LACMA Family Sunday. I hit the show that closed today while Mark and Iris went on the docent-lead tour for kids. I liked the hip-hop visuals well enough to bring Iris to see it. It was a tactical error as I didn't really know how to explain the painting entitled "Red Light District" to a 5 year-old.

The main point of this posting is to encourage everyone to see the Lee Mullican exhibit before it closes February 20, 2006. The exhibition is stunning. I never knew what a printer's ink knife was before today. But I now know that I must own one. Maybe I need several; they come in different sizes.

I got down so that my eyes were at Iris' eye level. It was difficult to see the paintings with tall grown-ups in the way. We waited for the crowd to clear so that she could view the first triptych properly. She became impatient, but I was insistent. When she finally got a clear view, she let out a spontaneous, "Wow!"

Enough said, go see it. I insist. If you bring a kid under 18 with you, admission is free. Metered parking is reasonably priced and usually available within a 2 block radius of LACMA. The Metro rapid 720 bus goes by LACMA every few minutes.

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